April 10, 2021


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2020 AVIR Annual Meeting!!!!

January 22 2020 by Mike Kelly

Join us at the AVIR 2020 Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA 


The AVIR Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to experience the best medical education in patient care, interventional research, techniques, and the challenges facing IR medicine today. In Seattle you will have the opportunity to interact and network with a broad constituency of IR technologists, nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. 

We provide opportunities to gain new insight into innovations in research, policies, techniques, and day-to-day practice -- All while taking in the breathtaking views in the beautiful picturesque city of Seattle.  CEU's available to those who have registered for the AVIR meeting, will be offered on Sunday, March 29th through Wednesday, April 1st.



Who should attend?

AVIR 2020 is designed to meet the educational needs of practicing imaging professionals specializing in interventional radiology. This meeting is the only venue offering education designed specifically for the IR professional. 

What can I expect?

The ability to obtain at least 24 CEU's!!  Every session held by the AVIR will offer credit.  We are working to accredit a select number of sessions held at SIR as well.  AVIR will be holding all of their sessions at the Sheraton Grand Seattle. It has a great price per night and we highly recommend booking there early.

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Join us in D.C. for the Third Annual VI Workshop!

September 07 2016 by Izzy Ramaswamy

Join us in D.C. for the Third Annual VI Workshop!

October 29th and 30th

Earn 10 CE Credits towards your VI Board

Take advantage of participating in a Mock Registry, including a post-test discussion with Workshop Speakers



  • 8:00 Patient Care and Assessment (1.0 CE CREDIT)
    • This lecture will focus on developing the necessary skills to properly assess patients for a variety of IR procedures, managing patients during procedures, handling medical emergencies, and post procedure care.
  • 9:00 Anatomy and Pathology (1.5 CE CREDIT)
    • A comprehensive review of vascular and nonvascular anatomy as well as corresponding 


  • 10:45 Neuro Anatomy and Pathology (1.0 CE CREDIT)
    • A one hour review of the anatomy, pathology, and common interventional procedures utilized in Neuro-Interventional Radiology. 
  • 11:30 Diagnostic and Interventional Inventory (1.5 CE CREDIT)
    • The construction, design, and indications for use of both diagnostic and interventional inventory will be discussed.
  • 2:00 Core Cases (1.0 CE CREDIT)
    • Case studies involving core IR procedures; PTC, PCN, Visceral Arteriograms, and Peripheral Arteriograms.
  • 3:00 Textbook TIPS: Perfect Complex Cases (1.0 CE CREDIT)
    • A look at “textbook” examples of patients requiring more complex interventions. TIPS, TAA, and AAA will all be covered.




  • 8:00am Mock Registry (2.0 CE CREDITS)

Participants will have two hours to complete a Mock Vascular Interventional Board that will help to prepare them for their registry

  • 10:00pm Post-test discussion (1.0 CE CREDIT)

A post test discussion will be held at which time participants will have the opportunity to review their mock registry results, ask questions, and engage with speakers.


CLICK HERE for Details


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September 05 2016 by Izzy Ramaswamy

Each year the AVIR recognizes leaders within our ever growing field on Interventional Radiology. We are very pleased to announce we are now accepting nominations for our AVIR Award of Excellence, Fellowship Award, and our newest addition; the President's Award of Educational Excellence!

The recipients of these three awards will be recognized and presented their respected awards at our annual meeting held in conjunction with the Society of Interventional Radiology in Washington D.C. on Tuesday March 7th.

Do you know someone that embodies all that we stand for in patient care? Please consider nominating them for one of these awards! Visit our website for more information and to submit your nomination form!



CLICK HERE to nominate someone you know...

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Newsletter - AVIR Informer - summer 2016 edition

August 30 2016 by Izzy Ramaswamy

President’s Message: David Nicholson, RT (R) (CV)

In my 15 years as an IR tech, there have been many times I have been presented the following questions, both about my profession and our organization. What is an IR tech?? What is the AVIR? How do the two of them relate, and why do they need each other? An interventional technologist is a technologist unlike any other technologist in the department of radiology. Where technologists in other areas are very knowledgeable, highly advanced, and very specialized, they have a different way of thinking and functioning within the role they provide patient care. More often than not, I find those technologists are so specialized and are not necessarily given the opportunity to understand or learn the other modalities. An interventional technologist must have an understanding of other modalities. It is helpful, if not imperative to be familiar with Nuclear Imaging, CT, MRI, diagnostic, radiation therapy. In some areas, an interventional technologist should have a knowledge of transplant surgery, specifically anastomotic methodologies, and vascular surgery. The AVIR is an organiztion that allows us an opportunity to be educated clinically, network, both through meetings and social media, as well as be educated academically. The Board of Directors has worked very hard over the last 5-6 years to mold the AVIR into a product we can all be proud of, and something we can all stand behind. Much like us, the technologists, the AVIR offers a very diverse area of education. Topics and events such as cancer treatments, aortic interventions, venous disease, articles, cases of the month, Medlantis online education module, Annual Meeting, Regional/ Chapter meetings, as well as the VI Workshop. It is imperative as an IR tech to have an organization that is as specialized and diverse as we are. We are always looking to improve, and looking for more member involvement and input. I am looking forward to the coming years, and hope to have an opportunity to talk to you in the future. 

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Register Now for our Third Annual VI Workshop!

August 30 2016 by Izzy Ramaswamy

Register Now for our Third Annual VI Workshop!

Join us in D.C.

October 29TH-30th 2016

10 Available Credits


As the ARRT continually works to ensure that the content and educational requirements of the Vascular-Interventional Radiography Examination reflect our unique skill set as technologists, the Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers is working to provide both our members, and non-members, with the resources required to meet those requirements as well as excel in our profession.

One of these resources will be our Third Annual VI Workshop, where technologists will have the opportunity to receive ten CE credits while enjoying lectures focused on the fundamentals of our field.


CLICK HERE for Details

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